Course Category: Rapid Learning

Rapid Learning: Editions

Duration: 15 MinutesReference ID: RL1009 Editions help group advanced features and functionality together into Edition levels.

Rapid Learning: Camera Direct Complete

Duration: 20 MinutesReference ID: RL1008 Camera Direct Complete is a solution that utilizes the Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS to directly connect Eagle Eye cameras without the need of a Bridge or CMVR.

Rapid Learning: Rapid Replacement

Duration: 10 MinutesReference ID: RL1007 Interruptions in video security operations leave businesses vulnerable. Minimize downtime and safeguard your investment by purchasing Eagle Eye Rapid Replacement.

Rapid Learning: 2-Way Audio

Duration: 10 MinutesReference ID: RL1005 Eagle Eye Networks is excited to announce the release of 2-Way Audio.

Eagle Eye LPR Training

Rapid Learning: Eagle Eye License Plate Recognition

Duration: 30 MinutesReference ID: RL1003 Eagle Eye Networks is excited to announce the release of Eagle Eye License Plate Recognition. In this course, you will learn the following: What Eagle Eye License Plate Recognition (LPR) is Learn use-case applications and how to install cameras to use Eagle Eye LPR Technical specifications for Eagle Eye LPR

Rapid Learning: Eagle Eye Mobile Bridge Configurator

Duration: 20 MinutesReference ID: RL1002 This course introduces you to the new Eagle Eye Mobile Bridge Configurator. You will learn what the Mobile Bridge Configurator is and how it can benefit you. Please Note: You must be logged in to see the “Begin Course” button below.

Rapid Learning: Eagle Eye Body Camera

Duration: 30 MinutesReference ID: RL1001 New product training introduces you to new products or features. This course introduces you to the Eagle Eye Body Camera and helps you set up and configure the Eagle Eye Body Camera. Prerequisites:– None

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